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  • Online Counselling Available via whatsApp call*, Telephone or Skype Video Conferencing.

    Addiction Counselling sessions, pricing and areas of counselling

    Two options for online and telephone counselling:

    • 2 patient’s interviews + clinical assessment & tailored program – €160
    • Follow up sessions/ price to be agreed upon with the patient based on the case assessment.
    • Counselling session – €100

    Areas of counselling linked to:

    1. Lifestyle addictions, or in other words inappropriate behaviour towards food, electronic devices (cell phones, video games, etc.), sport, psychotropic drugs, sex, etc.

    Special attention to food addiction has been dedicated over this period. As per our clinical experience, big improvement and high patients’ compliance rates were registered through approaching patients with various weight problem as food addicts. Ask yourself the following questions:

    • You know perfectly well what you should and should not eat, you
know the value of food and you also understand that you should do some physical exercise. But you are simply unable to put all these ideas into practice even though you know your life would change?
    • Do you find comfort in food? do you eat out of boredom / anger/ frustration / dissatisfaction?
    • Are you a food lover, and cannot resist food temptation?
    • How many times were you unable to maintain the weight loss through dieting or surgeries?
    • You are actually in normal weight but feel like not making it to compensate your binge as usual, so scared of putting on weight?
    • Freaking out about further weight loss but you literally hate eating?
    • Wanna know what is the dividing line between a healthy control of food and a food addiction problem where restriction becomes the drug?
    • Are you a teenager?
    • Are you taking medications that cause belly fat?
    • Do you crave sweets during PMS?
    • Are you struggling with the extra weight put after menopause?
    • Did pregnancy leave you with extra kilos?

    2. Substance (drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc.) or non-substance (gambling/betting) addiction problems.

    What to Expect:

    1. Contact me using contact form above to ask questions or set up an appointment time. For telephone and Skype sessions, we will typically meet for 40 – 60 minute sessions.

    2. For telephone and Skype sessions, you will be able to book appointment times after your payment email confirmation.

    How to book an online appointment

    Fill the form on the right of this page so we could get a first contact. I will reply to you with a proposal date for an online appointment.

    If you agree you should only pay for the booking, you can use the Pay now button on the right of this page.

    After the payment, you should confirm our appointment.

    I will provide you with either my telephone number and/or Skype Name prior to our first session depending on the type of sessions you request (also alternative forms of contact in case of technology failure).

    You are free to cancel our sessions at any time.

    I also reserve the right to terminate our sessions at any time.

    I will inform you in advance if I will be unable to meet for our sessions and we will re-schedule at a time convenient to you.

    Counselling sessions languages

    Sessions can be offered in the following languages:

    • English
    • Italian
    • Arabic

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    Buy now the 2 patien’s interviews + clinical assessment & tailored program
    Euro 160

    Buy now the counselling session
    Euro 100

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    Privacy / Security

    *In order to provide our patients with more safety and privacy, SanaFirenze would suggest the use of WhatsApp calls that, by having end-to-end encryption (cryptography up to 128 bits), your messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents, and calls are secured from falling into the wrong hands.
    For more info, kindly check the ‘white paper‘ issued by WhatsApp.