PUBLIC SCIENTIFIC HIGH SCHOOL “Antonio Gramsci”. Forum 2018/Addictions. Florence, Italy.

More than 200 students were gathered at the first activity of the Forum 2018 at the Florentine scientific Liceo Gramsci to speak about different kind of addictions!

Youngsters, through their questions and involvement have created an interactive ambient where they ended up to be the real event protagonists! Topics addressed were so many, to mention a few:

  • Similarities and differences between addiction to substances (drugs, alcohol, nicotine, etc.) and lifestyle, such as food, electronics, pornography/sex, etc.
  • Are there any soft drugs? Should they be legalized?
  • Is marijuana a soft drug? Is it true that it is modified in the laboratory?
  • Would legalizing drugs lead to a reduction in their consumption due to the appeal of violating the rules?
  • Will the offences committed before legalization be repressed?
  • Will legalizing soft drugs help empty prisons and reduce dirty money?
  • Which is the most commonly used drug?
  • At the same dose and purity, which is the most dangerous drug? Is it Krokodil or heroin?
  • How do the so-called ‘new/designer’ drugs etc. work?
  • How does methadone work?
  • How can we overcome abstinence?
  • What do we know about the Italian rap singer Cranio Randagio who died from drugs?
  • Are there different types of addiction, such as physical, psychological, etc?
  • What are the consequences of videogame addiction?
  • Are there people who make a lot of money winning at videogames and for this reason dedicating their lives to videogames?
  • Can micro-transactions create addiction to gambling?
  • Is compulsive shopping an addiction? What is the difference between shopping as a ‘hobby’ and addiction to shopping?
  • What are musical and digital drugs?
  • How does porno addiction work?
  • Family members smoke and disturb the others, how can we make them stop?
  • Can masturbation become an addiction?
  • Is there such thing as an emotional addiction and how does it work?
  • Can sport become an addiction?
  • Is the repeating of the same word an addiction? Language addiction? How can it be overcome?
  • Is self-inflicted injury an addiction?
  • Can competition become an addiction?
  • What cures are there for overcoming an addiction?
  • What does this forum teach young people? And how could it help prevent addiction
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