• sana_barada

    Sana Barada, PharmD
    Four-year specialisation program-equivalent to a professional PhD in Applied Pharmacology & Pharmacovigilance.
    Master degree in International Program in Addiction Studies, IPAS.

  • carlo_smorlesi

    Carlo Smorlesi, MD
    Specialised in Clinical Toxicology, Gastroenterology & Anaesthesiology
    Full-time toxicologist at Careggi University Hospital, Florence

  • franca_batistini

    Franca Batistini, MD
    Specialised in Psychiatry – Psychotherapist
    Family mediation council

  • luca_landini

    Luca Landini, MD
    Paediatrician – Neonatologist since 1998
    Meyer paediatric hospital, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Center for the study and prevention of SIDS
    Coordinator, paediatric ER courses

  • virginia_quaranta

    Virginia Quaranta
    Psychologist – Psychotherapist/Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
    Expert in psychology of health & sports