AIFS Study Abroad in Florence – Lifestyle Addictions & Tuscan Culture Florence, Italy

March, 29, 2018

Sharing with American students values upon which every Italian family is based. ‘Time at the table is never wasted’…and it’s not only about food as much as enjoying simple things in life and connecting with beloved ones.
Providing notions about practice behaviour that they can follow once they get home in relation to the Italian culture linked to food. Secrets behind good Tuscan living and keeping in good health and shape and how to transform fast-food into slow-food (inappropriate vs. appropriate). An introduction to Slow-Food movement concepts like tasting education and how the senses can be trained to obtain pleasure from food due to its biodiversity and not to the ‘high’ coming from addictive substances rich in fats, sugar, salt, etc. Active versus passive consumers. Important political acts when making food decisions. Sense of responsibility and the social duty of being informed and knowledgeable.

Topics addressed were so many, to mention a few:

– The basis of food industry business and products that in the main have addictive properties
– Fast-food chain strategies at changing clients’ behaviour to addiction and daily consumption through high concentration of stores straight away, ‘push marketing’, etc.
– Food advertising to more vulnerable population like children and creating lifetime loyalty through ‘pester-power’ and other unfair means…
– Should ads for junk food be banned?
– The reason for rapid progression of addiction in teenagers/youngsters
– The particularity of food addiction and the culture of food for survival, pleasure and prize since childhood

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