SanaFirenze at the National Rehabilitation Center, NRC, in Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates, held on October 18 2015.

The SanaFirenze team, represented by Dr. Sana Barada, was received at the NRC premises for mutual exchange experiences on addiction issues.Thanks to the on-site visit, several objectives for future collaboration were defined.

Thanks to the on-site visit, it has been possible to better define several objectives for future collaboration between NRC and our team:

1- We would like to gain further knowledge of NRC expertise in evidence-based practice outcome measures.

2- On our behalf, we would also like to suggest the following:

• An NRC-referred patient service such as: H24 house-call consultations, walk-in visits in downtown Florence, data-updating on the referred cases, and the facilitating of any necessary healthcare assistance all over Italy.

• Exchange visits during which we would be honoured to welcome NRC members to our work clinics and public healthcare facilities.

• Please note that one of our team members speaks and writes fluent Arabic (Dr. Sana Barada).

• Invite NRC team for an official visit, whereby we can organise a site inspection in our clinic and also organise official visits to other public structures that deal with addiction prevention and treatment. We would be willing to facilitate visits and meetings at both social and healthcare levels.

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