TNX discotheque/ Florence (Saturday, March 12 2016) – ‘Urban Night Life’ Service – risk reduction

The project provides for information stations be set up in discotheques for distributing information about various psychotropic substances (alcohol, drugs, etc.).

In addition to free alcohol tests, condoms, sweets, chewing gum, water and much more will be distributed…. all in the aim of reducing the risks that can emerge in urban night life!

The URAL project, in connection with ‘JAVA’ and UNL (Urban Night Life) funded by the Municipality of Florence, is carried out in Florentine discotheques. A station providing information about substances (alcohol, illegal and legal substances) for the purpose of reducing the risks that can occur after taking narcotic substances. A giant poster will also be used to draw attention to the importance of measuring alcohol levels with the help of a professional breathalyser. The objective is to emphasise the legal risks one could face by getting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. Condoms, sweets (in case of a drop in blood pressure after taking drugs), chewing gum (to relieve stiff jaws) and glasses of water will also be distributed. The operators present are available for all clarifications and/or further information.

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