Dr. Ed Napke’s visit to the SanaFirenze team in Florence, Italy, from 6 to 12 December 2015

The SanaFirenze team was thrilled to finally receive their mentor, Dr. Ed Napke, who made several official visits to the different Florentine healthcare structures that deal with addiction at a prevention and treatment level as well as providing harm-reduction services.

Visit to the health education & prevention service of the Florentine Health De-partment:

Wednesday 9 December: Together with Dr Carlo Smorlesi and Dr. Sana Barada, Dr. Napke met with the head of this Department, Dr. Stefania Polvani and her assistant Dr. Elena Pierozzi. Educational programs on addictive behaviour prevention were presented and discussed through advertising campaigns, onsite visits, and workshops.

On the same evening, there was a conclusive reunion with the entire SanaFirenze and the pediatric entourage team to discuss the technical requirements for the evaluation and validation of their work, as well as the evidence-based outcome parameters.

Visit to the Florentine Addiction Department “(SerT) di Via Arcolaio, 2

Thursday 10 December: meeting with Dr. Donella Posarelli’s team to exchange expe-riences and addiction programs in view of a possible collaboration for helping pa-tients to approach reciprocal centres depending on their individual needs.

Walking tour of JAVA (addiction harm-reduction service):

Friday11 December: meeting with the educator of the Municipal social welfare De-partment, Dr. Stefano Alemanno, at a Florentine nightlife hotspot. The place is dedi-cated to patients suffering from acute substance abuse, who can easily recover by re-laxing, chilling-out and getting advised by experts as well as the possibility of online peer-to-peer chats (Youngle website).

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