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Our 3-step journey.

The first step is the "Evaluation Interview" during which I will listen carefully to understand your story and the problems that led you to seek help in the first place. I will answer any questions you want to ask about addiction and the path we can take together to clear up your doubts.

It is essential to immediately assess whether we are talking about a real addiction, or a mislead based on the many misconceptions in society that revolve around this issue.

This is primarily to create a bridge between us, which is essential for any future collaboration based on trust.

With the information collected, I will already be able to identify your inappropriate behavior, start explaining about the methodology - that is, the 'know-how' – for going in the opposite direction of addiction development and then plan the next steps.

The interview will last approximately 50 minutes and we can do it both online and on-site in my office in the center of Florence.

During the "Awareness and diagnosis" phase we will formulate your tailored program through an accurate and in-depth interview.

We will fill in together specific forms, prepared with the collaboration of 6 professional figures in the field, following international guidelines.

Separately, we will then both go to work: you will think about the preparation of the objectives to be achieved and I will elaborate an evaluation through the anamnesis, the study of your physical and psychological conditions and the results of this first interview, with the aim of creating your own tailored program.

During the third step, we will draw up your Tailored Program.

We will begin by evaluating the results of the completed forms together and discussing the final version of the program. Also, we will decide on scheduling the sessions needed to achieve the preset objectives.

At this stage I will also suggest any other pathways that may be useful to you. We will identify the "outcome parameters" from the beginning, i.e., the parameters with which to evaluate the progress of the work performed, which should be based not only on abstinence but also on many other parameters related to the quality of your life.

From here we will specify the 'zero point / detox start', that is, the starting date of the path that will change your life: from here on, I will support you as a personal trainer with the responsibility of helping you finding the best version of yourself!

I work alongside you as a personal trainer to find the best version of yourself.

Break free from inappropriate habits. Progress, not perfection!

Dr. Sana Barada

My name’s Dr. Sana Barada. I am Lebanese-Italian and have lived in Florence for almost 21 years.

I have a degree in Clinical Pharmacy (PharmD) from the American University in Lebanon (LAU) and a four-year specialization in Applied Pharmacology and Pharmacovigilance from the University of Florence.

In 2012, I attended the International Program on Addiction Studies, IPAS, a master's degree provided by Virginia Commonwealth University, King's College London, University of Adelaide, and recommended by NIDA, the American National Institute on Drug Abuse.


While I was an addict, my mind treated me like a horse already doomed to race and that can only aspire to be killed. I told myself to wait for the moment of complete abstinence to start improving the quality of my life in all respects, doing it sooner would been just a waste of time. My existence resembled remaining motionless in a waiting room, but the reality is that I had always been looking for the thing I respect and appreciate most in this world: FREEDOM.

Freedom that I found in abundance in the gray area, in that bridge of transition from black to white, in the moderation that, obviously, by stimulating me less, only created disinterest in me. But once I tasted it, I discovered the possibility of being able to do everything while staying clean. Between addiction and the search for abstinence, I experienced such an interesting journey that it made me lose track of my final destination: you arrive when you arrive! Since I have accepted myself for who I am, life has become much more peaceful, without too many expectations, but above all without judgment.

I still hear that voice that wants everything, but I listen to it without identifying myself and the objective is to learn more and more how to get up, because I have already been an expert on how to fall.

It has been a long journey, years that are now far away, and I had to go down this path to understand how much I would like to go back home.

If I had had these tools at the time, perhaps I would never have been an addict, but I would not have been able to make this journey inside and outside of me.

Extract from the book 'Light and Invisible' - Sana Barada

Questions that I have been frequently asked during my workshops / events in different cities around the world:

  • How can I tell if I have developed an addiction?
  • How can we help loved ones (parents, partner ...) who struggle alongside those they love to overcome together the addiction that has ruined their life?
  • What are the differences and similarities between addiction to substances (drugs, prescription medications, alcohol, nicotine, etc.) and lifestyle addiction (love, food, video games, gambling, pornography / sex, etc.)?
  • How could food possibly be a drug?
  • How could behaviour towards food possibly be an addiction?
  • Is there such a thing as an emotional addiction and how does it work?

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