Evaluation Interview

70 €

The first step is the "Evaluation Interview" during which I will listen carefully to understand your story and the problems that led you to seek help in the first place. I will answer any questions you want to ask about addiction and the path we can take together to clear up your doubts.

It is essential to immediately assess whether we are talking about a real addiction, or a mislead based on the many misconceptions in society that revolve around this issue.

This is primarily to create a bridge between us, which is essential for any future collaboration based on trust.

With the information collected, I will already be able to identify your inappropriate behavior, start explaining about the methodology - that is, the 'know-how' – for going in the opposite direction of addiction development and then plan the next steps.

The interview will last approximately 50 minutes and we can do it both online and on-site in my office in the center of Florence.

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