F.R. (Italian female):

Sana….for me, coming to you is not like going to a doctor because I am sick. It feels more like going to a person that I trust and with whom I am not scared to get emotionally naked especially if I make a mistake. I think of a clinic and it recalls immediately a project that a doctor has already set up for me, while with you it is not absolutely so…..it is a path decided together, you grow the awareness and knowledge about food in people, not a diet or guidelines to follow.

S.R. (a Spaniard living in Italy):

I really needed to lose weight, especially the fat accumulated around my waist. I had been trying to eat healthily for ages but without any results, and so I was really discouraged.

I managed to solve the problem together with Dr. Barada by following her advice to the letter and forcing myself to find the time to do all the things she thought would help me reach my objective. I allowed myself to be guided and I followed her instructions with perseverance and sacrifice.

The solution she suggested was the right one, because in 4 months I learned to be water-dependent (I previously only drank very little) and exercise-dependent (before I never did anything). As a result my body dropped a lot of fat, especially around the waist, and I lost 10 kg which for me represent 10 more years of life.

What I really liked about this journey with Sana was the fact that she always made me feel comfortable and was always there when I needed her. If I was ever discouraged, I took the liberty of sending her Whats App messages, and she was always ready to respond and cheer me up. This moral support was invaluable for me. And not only……

I could sum up my experience with Sana as follows: positive, stimulating, safe, followed, supported, very close and human, while always keeping in mind the objective to be reached and thus adapting to my needs WITHOUT EVER IMPOSING HERS.

N.H, a 26 year old female, Beirut – Lebanon

Its been over a year since I started my sessions with Dr. Sana and I cannot but say that the changes were big.

I started off with her on the 9th of August 2017 having hazardous behavior with respect to food, which indeed was the silent addiction to food I had for the past couple of years which was aggravating year after year. It made me reached to a state of neglecting basic self care and being socially uncomfortable. It was when I met Dr. Sana I started to become aware of what was happening inside my brain, and not my stomach. My brain was most of the time in a state of polarization on binge eating which lead to feeling guilty and thus a vicious cycle was taking control of my whole life in every aspect.

Dr. Sana initiated my journey by setting a very organized plan and the objectives were clear. I had a weekly things to do list and she made sure that every single point was deeply discussed so that I’m aware of the aim and the influence it had on my case. Her strategy was not just to make me get rid of the addiction but to have the solid information and knowledge to keep for a lifetime.

On a weekly basis we discussed how the prior week have been and every mess up was an "okay” with Dr. Sana, we actually used mess ups as lessons and situations to learn from. Dr. Sana taught me to become aware of triggers, risk factors and protection factors. She also taught me all techniques I needed to overcome binge eating situations or at least delay gratification.

I also learnt how to praise every bit of progress I’ve done. Weight loss was of course one of very important objectives I had. But this program was not only about this, it was a life changing program were I became enlightened.

Now, on the 26 of September, over a year have passed. I started of weighing 88 kgs and now I can very proudly say I weigh 81 kg with much confidence and a way better life. Yes Ive learnt how to praise such progress and that quick results aren’t sustainable. However what is sustainable is the awareness I’ve been taught and the enlightenment I’ve helped with.

The experience with Dr. Sana was a life changing one to me. Up until today Dr. Sana follows up with me and with my progress. She’s not only technically good with the program she gave me but also have a very high sense of integrity and responsibility towards her patients.

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